Wall Frieze – Number Formation 0-9

This colourful wall frieze is perfect for any pre-school, primary school classroom and after-care facility.

Number formation is the direction the pencil follows when a child writes a number. We teach the numbers according to their starting positions.

This wall frieze will provide learners with a visual means of following number formation from the starting point of each number to the finish.

Size 148 x 1400mm



In the pack
• 1 Number formation wall frieze

Size 148 x 1400mm.

When it comes to handwriting, we always talk about children needing to have automatic handwriting so they can think about WHAT to write, not HOW to write. That holds true so much more for maths. Automaticity in number formation is essential for achievement in maths, making teaching correct number formation a critical foundation skill we need to consider.


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