Caterpillar – Wall Toy (Pre-order)

This cute multi-functional wall mount caterpillar can keep several children busy at one time.

This wall mount toy offers many play options including:
• the eyes of the caterpillar can be adjusted, creating different expressions
• wire beads which can be moved left and right
• a variety of turning discs creating assorted visual effects and patterns under rotational speed
• a colour wheel where children learn about colours and colour combinations
• a sensory board of different materials found under different locking mechanisms
• gears which children can create their own combinations

The caterpillar is divided into 5 parts which can be easily assembled or dissembled.

The perfect toy for pre-schools, learning centres, restaurants and playrooms.

Suitable from 18+ months.



Fun on the wall

A multifunctional wall toy with a cute image of a Caterpillar, inclding wire beads, rolling dice with sound and pretty patterns, lock toy and turning gears.

The body is divided into 5 parts which are easy to disassemble, install and transport.

The eyes on the Caterpillar can be moved, creating different expressions,

Turn the discs on the second board for amazing visual effects and patterns.

On the third board the kids could learn about creating varioud colours, using the primary colours red, yellow and blue, open the lock to reveal differnt colours and materials.

The last board is a gear puzzle where the children can move the gears along the maze.

Perfect toy combination for schools, nurseries, learning centres and public play, sesnory areas.

Several children to play together and work on their social ability, hand-eye coordination, reasoning, music and mathematical learning skills.

Product Information

* Size: 1870 x 610 x 15 mm


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