Tactile Shells 3

These Eco-Friendly Tactile Shells from EDX Education offer youngsters sensory experiences as they use sight, sound and touch to explore this product.

An ideal STEAM product, place the shells into an opaque bag. Encourage children to use their hands to identify the shell tactility, and their different sizes, by feeling them.

They are also great for exploring symmetry, learning sorting, matching, comparison, patterning and counting.

The tactile shells have been specially designed with 6 different tactile surfaces in 3 sizes. They are made from the FPC eco-friendly material.

This product is made from FPC (Fibre Particulate Composize) which replaces plasic as the raw material, making the shells 100% eco-friendly. FPC is made from agricultural waste (rice stems and husks).

– 36 Shells (in 6 Tactile Surfaces & 3 Sizes)
– Packed in a Cotton Bag



Age: 18 Months +
Item size: 16 x 17.5 x 6.7 cm


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