Geoanimo Wooden Blocks

Geoanimo is a fun game which also aids children’s cognitive development.
Children must try and follow the cards to build lovely little creatures out of the brightly coloured wooden shapes.
Contains 30 wooden shapes and 20 cards to follow.
Age 3+ years

What’s in the box
30 x wooden shapes and 20 x cards


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Does your child have a vivid imagination and love to create themselves? He will love this puzzle!

Laying  multicolored blocks  on the basis of pictures has a positive effect on children’s development. Thanks to the blocks, toddlers will learn and consolidate the names of colors and shapes, develop logical thinking skills. Develop motor skills, stimulate imagination and logical thinking, and ensure many hours of emotional fun.

A great educational toy for children. Playing excellently exercises patience, dexterity, manual skills and spatial imagination.

Arranging shapes around the picture will stimulate both hemispheres of your baby’s brain, encouraging creativity, analytical thinking and problem solving.

Let your child learn through play!

A set of colorful blocks in various shapes and vivid colors are endless possibilities of fun!

The toy supports the development of imagination, the ability to associate, manual and learning social behavior through playing together.


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