Elephant Ring Toss – Assorted Colours

  • Cute elephant ring toss game, bright colorful, eye catching
  • A super quoits set suitable to play indoor or outdoor
  • Tons of fun for Adults and kids; A perfect gift for children
  • The Ring Toss game helps develop their skills to assist them with hand-eye coordination,writing, sports, fine motor control and more
  • Package include: 1 x elephant, 4 x rings(4 colors)

W19cm x H41cm  – Elephant

Rings 19cm


Out of stock


– This is a great game to develop children’s fine motor skills and depth perception.
– This particular Ring toss edition is made from heavy-duty plastic and is extremely durable making it a game that will last for years and because it’s a harder, heavier plastic than most others
– Your children can continue playing as they grow older, get better and throw further.
– The Perfect game for the whole family to play.
– Perfect for home, the parks or the beach.

What’s in the box
1 x Elephant
4 x Assorted Colour Rings



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