Touch & Match Board

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This sensory Touch and Match board is loved by Occupational Therapists! The wooden baseboard holds 10 different textured material inserts. Match the 10 different textured circle inserts with the same texture on the wooden board. Teaches tactile differences and sensory perception.

  • Ages 3+ / 275 x 110 x 40 mm / Baseboard and 10 textured materials insertes 



Hand-eye coordination is vital for enabling the eyes to guide the hands to accurate movements. Most daily activities require some degree of hand-eye coordination – cutting with scissors, threading, sewing, writing, directing a key into a lock, etc. Fine motor skills require the use of the small muscles which control the movement of the hand, fingers, thumb and wrist as well as the formation of the open web space between the thumb and index finger. The development of these muscles is required for skills such as buttoning and zipping, tying shoelaces, feeding yourself, etc.


1 review for Touch & Match Board

  1. Cindy

    My son loves playing with this. Amazing texture recognition!

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