Spring Lever Scissors 135mm Right Hand

Introduce your child to the world of cutting with our Spring Lever Scissors. Designed specifically for young children, these 135mm scissors are perfect for small hands learning to use scissors for the first time.

With a convenient spring lever feature, these safety scissors automatically reopen after each cutting action, making it easier and less frustrating for little ones to practice their snipping skills. And don’t worry about sharp points! Our rounded tip design with blunt nose ensures no accidental punctures.

Made with durable stainless steel blades and sturdy plastic handles, these scissors will last through countless projects and craft activities. Plus, the ruler markings on one side of the blade make it easy to measure as you cut.

Perfect for preschoolers and primary school children alike, our Spring Lever Scissors will help your child develop fine motor skills while having fun crafting!

How to use:
Open the scissors handles and gently move the yellow lever down towards the scissor blades to activate the
automatic spring lever, which will automatically open the scissors for assisted cutting. The spring can be deactivated at any time, and the scissors used normally.


Spring Lever Scissors 135mm Right Hand


Scissor size: 135mm


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