Sound Memory

SOUND MEMORY is a great way to have fun while learning attentive listening and sound memorization techniques. It helps develop the aural memory and improve hand-eye-ear coordination. The players try to memorize sounds and match them in pairs. No more than 2 cubes make the same sound so you have to keep your ears open!


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Memorise sounds and match them up in this fun game that teaches children how to listen attentively, identify, differentiate, memorise and associate sounds.

Roll the colour dice and pick up a sound cube from the correct coloured circle, shake it to hear its sound, then try select a cube with a matching sound. If you pick up a matching cube, those cubes become yours. The person with the most cubes at the end  of the game wins. Make sure to pay attention to your opponents picks to remember what sounds can be found where.

A brilliant game to help develop memory in an exciting way, this game is fantastic fun for both young and old.

 Age: 5 + 

24,3 x 6 x 25 cm


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