Bring stories to life for your child with these delightful sequencing puzzles.

The 6 different illustrated stories need to be assembled in the proper order. Your child will love predicting what happens next in each captivating tale. As they complete each 4-piece sequence, they’ll learn important skills like cause and effect, storytelling, and developing a sense of time and continuity.

Including 8 activities with instructions in both Afrikaans and English, these puzzles help grow language and memory capabilities. Your 4+ year old will be engaged and entertained while learning with these beautifully illustrated sequencing puzzles.

Key features:
– 6 Sets of 4-piece sequence puzzles
– Beautifully illustrated picture stories
– Afrikaans and English instructions include 8 activities
– Learn cause and effect and story prediction
– Develop language, memory, and continuity skills

Make family storytime interactive and hands-on with a sequencing puzzle set today!



In the Box
• 6 Wooden story sequence 4-piece puzzles
• Includes instructions and activities in Afrikaans and English


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