Metal Xylophone 25 Tone

This chromatic xylophone has 25 metal keys.

♪ The first row has 15 notes with 2 full octaves.

♪ They correspond to the piano’s white keys, while the upper row on the xylophone corresponds to the black keys.

♪ These precision-tuned metal keys on the xylophone represent flat and sharp notes. With them, it is possible to play any melody on this xylophone, from simple to complex.

♪ The lower row of the xylophone consists of colour keys, which help kids to learn and remember any melody quickly.

♪ The second row of keys on this kid’s xylophone is of the same colour because both rows being can confuse the child.

♪ Beautifully packed in a plastic carry case.


Metal Xylophone 25 Tone

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In the pack.
♪ Metal Xylophone with a stick
♪ Plastic carry case


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