Memory Matching Game Transport

Memory Matching Game – Transport

  • Improves fine motor skills, visual memory and intelligence.
  • Place cards upside down, draw any two cards and turn them up, if they match set them aside if they don’t match put them back.
  • Includes 36 matching cards made of soft foam.


Memory Matching Game Transport


t is a visual memory game containing 36 cards consisting of 18 different visual couples printed on soft foam material. It is a game set designed to help the child to develop visual perception and memory skills, to distinguish similar cards from different cards, and to improve his/her skill to classify.
Turn the cards down and shuffle them. Draw any two of them and turn those cards up. If the pictures of those two cards match, put them aside and draw two more cards. If the pictures of the two cards do not match, put them back in the pack and ask the other player to play. It can be played by a single player or multi players.


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