Habitat Bingo Matching Game

Habitat Bingo Matching Game

  • Foam Matching Game taches certain animals and their habitats
  • Improves hand and eye coordination, fine motor skills, visual attention, problem solving and patience.
  • Includes 28 visuals on 4 different habitat game cards.
  • Size: 16x16cm



Habitat Bingo is a double sided matching game designed to teach the child certain animals and their habitats. It contains 28 visuals on 4 different habitat game cards.Variety of visuals representing different animals from all over the world, including an octopus under the sea, a zebra in a savanna, a fox in a forest, and a penguin on the pole, are matched. Thus the visuals are storified to help the child to get to know each animal and to associate it with its habitat in a fun way.

4 Double sided theme cards

28 game cards


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